Happy 4/20 from The Ruined Rep Family
April 20, 2015


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What's the good word people of the Internet? My name is Wolf, Kingpin over at Ruined Rep Streetwear Pins. I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about the history of what makes Ruined Rep. Hop in my time machine as I take you back to December of 2014...

I'm on Christmas vacation like most other people during the holiday's and realized that my schedule was just not cutting it for me anymore. I would come home, eat dinner, watch TV, and go to sleep. I needed more! So I started brainstorming things that I can do that will allow me to learn business, but also create something that would allow me to be my own boss. During this brainstorming period I came up with the concept of doing really cool Streetwear Pins since I was passionate about collecting pins, I had a connection to someone that makes pins, and I saw that the trend was picking up again. I'm a believer in the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know", but you better be able to perform!

But why Ruined Rep? Ever since I was a little kid I was constantly being told that I'm going to ruined my reputation. I was always pushing the limits of what I can get away with. Ruined Rep is my way of distinguishing the people that I want to surround myself with. It's about people getting to know you before judging you. It's about owning your reputation!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Ruined Rep isn't just an awesome, cool, dope Streetwear Pins company, it's a lifestyle brand too. We've all Ruined our Rep somewhere down the line, but it's how you wear it that defines you. I'm not sure if I got carried away, but I think the message that I was trying to get across came together nicely.

Keep on keeping on,
Wolf | Ruined Rep

Happy 4/20 from The Ruined Rep Family

I wanted to take this time to wish all the pot smokers out there a happy 420. While putting together this blog post, I did some research. Turns out that 420 was created and established by a group of school friends who would meet up at '420' by a statue near by their school.

Wether or not this history is to be true, I don't think anyone really gives a shit! I feel like we are all mutually happy that there's a day for all the cannabis loves out there. So now it's time to sit back, and do what we do best. Gather your tools to roll up the best possible joint, and light up this 420! If you haven't already purchased your munchies then you fucked up. Go out this instant, and buy all the delicious treats and food you can find.

My usual groceries list for when I am going to get stoned goes a little something like this.

  1. A whole challah
  2. A medium to large container of Nutella
  3. Half Baked ice cream
  4. Speed dial to the closest poutine
  5. Speed dial to the closest hot dog with cheese, bacon, ketchup, and mayo
  6. A bag of Doritos Sweet Chilli Heat
  7. Arnold Palmer half and half
  8. Left overs from Paula's
  9. Montreal styled bagels
  10. Brownies
It's a weird list, but I don't think anyone is judging, and if they are... they can kindly fuck-off.

Let me leave you with this. Take advantage of this glorious day, and use the discount code '420' to receive 15% off some of the dopest pins in the game. Click the link below to start shopping today!


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Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep

P.S. Make sure that if you are participating in the 420 holiday, that you are not operating any motorized vehicles.

Ruined Rep.
Ruined Rep.


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