Wolf's Corner, A Ruined Rep Story
March 18, 2016


Ruined Rep Fashion Icons Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg


I would like to think my fashion game is strong; maybe even to the likes of billionaires. I only say that because I would compare myself to two fashion icons, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Laugh all you want, but I get why they dress the way they do. Do you ever wonder how these icons became so successful? I’m pretty sure it’s because they made the decision to wear the same thing every day, eliminating the decision on what to wear when they wake up, so they can focus on their money making. They didn’t twice think about it, they just did their thang.

Now, I’m no gazillionaire. I live in the basement of my parents’ home, I drive an old school 2003 white Mercury, Grand Marquis (RIP to my brotha Bernard and shoutout to Paperman’s funeral home for the hookup!), and I own a solid three pairs of pants. But, I still like to think I’m similar in some ways to these influential men, just with a bit more edge and uniqueness. By the way, I don’t own three pairs of pants by choice. I wish I had more, but unfortunately with my extremely charming physique, I’m slightly limited as to what I could put on. In any case, I still feel like the billionaire I’m meant to be. Honestly, my life is dependent on these pants – if I ever grow out of them I know I’m screwed. Although I would love to spend every day in my Fruit of the Loom boxers with my pins hanging out in places that maybe they shouldn't, but  my goal isn’t to scare anyone away here. All this to say, Mark and Steve know/knew what’s up… now all Mark needs to do is add lapel pins to his wardrobe and maybe he’ll inherit some of my swagger.

Getting back to my edge and uniqueness, nothing says it better than a Lululemon athletic sweater topped with a Harley Davidson cut off jean jacket – just one of my many limited edition billionaire combos. I like to test the fashion boundaries; I like to express myself as I choose. But behind every outfit choice, which really doesn’t require much thought, comes a serious internal debate about my lapel pin. You don’t f#@& around with the pin community, especially when you’re trying to fit in. I’ve realized that you need to wear pins that speak to you, that identify you, and that’s really why I created Ruined Rep in the first place. I can relate in some way to every single pin that I have made.  I love how pins have no limitations and how it’s an art form that anyone can relate to. Pins don’t discriminate or hate; they foster a sense of community in which anyone can share their love for something that really is edgy and unique, like me. 

Thanks to the internet, and thanks to Ruined Rep, you can find pins that speak to you and your fashion sense. Whether you wake up in the morning and spend countless hours trying to find an outfit that’s on fleek,  try to be a Mark or a Steve, or just throw on your 1/3 pairs of pants ( hoping they still fit) and solid black tee, a pin will always give you that extra flare that you need to get you through your day. I just highly recommend you pick a Ruined Rep pin first!

Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep

March 11, 2016


DJ Khaled-Inspired Pin | Ruined Rep Streetwear Pins

DJ Khaled Inspired Pin on Kayla Fay | Ruined Rep Streetwear Pins

The notorious DJ Khaled’s Key to Success may be one of the most entertaining snaps to hit our snapchat stories, or at least I think so. His motivational and influential 10 second stories allow me to relate to the fat guy.  He has Chef Dee in the kitchen, and I have Chef Big Gai (nothing is better than a Jewish mother in the kitchen…NOTHING). He gets lost at sea on a jet ski and I get lost in the streets of Montreal trying to find out what new Streetwear pins I can add to Ruined Rep’s collection. Point is, if you look beyond the shirtless bearded guy, he just wants to be happy; he just wants to be good. Khaled wants Ruined Rep Snapchat Barcode for Streetwear Pinsto spread the key to success, and that is exactly what I aim to do. Wait…before I forget, All this DJ Khaled, snapchat talk really gets me thinking that you, yes, YOU, should follow me on snapchat. It’s easy, this is it…ruinedrep. Right…now back to Streetwear pin fashion, It didn't take much time or realization that the lapel pin I needed next to be attached to my wardrobe, heck…your wardrobe too, would be the famous Key Emoji.





Khaled says it best, "The key is to make it, theRuined Rep's DJ Khaled-Inspired Key Emoji Street Wear Pins key is never give up, it's not easy to win.” Well, the inspirational Key Emoji that tops off every snapchat story of his has finally made its debut in the Ruined Rep collection, which will now make it easier for all of us to win - and lets be real here, who doesn’t love to win, and if you don’t…then I highly recommend you add this pin (and all other Ruined Rep pins) to your fashion game. 

So, to end things here…ride with me through the journey of my Streetwear success, as we wear the famous Key Emoji pin one blessed day at a time.

December 02, 2015


Streetwear Pins by Ruined Rep

Streetwear Pins by Ruined Rep Banner

Over the past couple of years streetwear pins have made a huge comeback. I remember the day that I had gotten my first pin when I was just a boy, visiting Disneyland with my family and a bunch of other Jews. Only recently did I find out that there is a huge pin trading community for Disney pins, phish pins, now streetwear pins, and more.

I had no idea that I would find myself developing a streetwear brand focusing on enamel pins. Now that it has been a while since I started the brand, I want to take a moment and talk about some highlights that I have experienced along the way.

Firstly, this project started over the christmas holidays of 2014, when I realized what a lazy a$$hole I was. My routine was simple. I would wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, sit on the couch, do some market research, and get into bed. If you are unaware of what I do for a living besides for making awesome pins you should follow me on Snapchat: RuinedRep. At this point I started thinking of what I can create and sell online that will allow me to have something with my mark on it. I had just started noticing that streetwear pins were becoming a thing, but not the thing that brands build their businesses on. I figured I would be the only guy in the world with a brand that is focusing on the creation of unique streetwear pins. Was I ever wrong.

Being that this was my first time designing enamel pins, I had no idea what the first Ruined Rep collection would look like. When the pins arrived, I was being happy with the way that they turned out and knew at that moment that I was onto something. When I got my first order I was tripping balls. It was one of the best feelings I have ever experience in my life. When you create something from scratch and people show interest, you just want to take a chairlift to the top of a mountain and yell… I’M THE MAN!!! (I would love to swear but I don’t think Google like that).

Another great moment during the Ruined Rep journey was when the pin community gave me recognition for my pin designs. It made me realize that all these streetwear pin brands don’t see each other as competition, but rather they see them as an addition to their community. As artists and creators we all have our own unique styles that will always differentiate us. Except for that rare occasion when two brands come out with the same pins.

Probably one of the coolest moments was when I had two huge Instagram accounts post my pins. The first Instagram account was a pin and patch account that goes by the name of, @PatchGame. This really helped launch the Ruined Rep brand into the pin and patch community, and allowed me to sell a bunch of pins and meet awesome people. The second account was @SlutWhisperer. With his one post for 24hrs, my Instagram account grew by 400 new followers, which helped me establish a stronger brand on social media.

Retail is something that took a while for me to get, but I have had the opportunity to have my pins placed in two incredible streetwear stores in Montreal, Off The Hook and Boutique Fake. Since then I am looking to branch out to other streetwear stores across Canada and the US so that more people can have access to Ruined Rep’s pin collection.

One of my proudest moments was when three out of five of my pins at the time were featured in a BuzzFeed article talking about pins that you should've owned by now. This was an incredible feeling since it was my first piece of press.

Something that I’ve learnt while on this journey is that the success is a direct result of the amount of effort you put in. I work my a$$ off on a daily basis to find new ways and opportunities to market my pins and grow my brand. Ruined Rep is more than just a brand making streetwear pins, we are a lifestyle.

November 26, 2015


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale | Happy Thanksgiving from Ruined Rep

Ruined Rep Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale
Today we embark on the day that gets the fat people thirsty for turkey and the broke people anxiously awaiting all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! This is the perfect time of year to make yourself feel like shit by eating and spending too much. At the end of the day, we look back on this moment of shame and say screw it.

For a limited time, let us ease the pain of your holiday shopping by offering you 20% off the entire Ruined Rep store. Our pins are great as stocking stuffers and those with small budgets. We promise that whoever you buy these multiple pins for, they will be overwhelmed with joy!


Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep

August 26, 2015


Ruined Rep Pin Collection Now Available at OFF THE HOOK Montreal!

This past week I was blessed with the opportunity to put the entire Ruined Rep pin collection in one of the top streetwear stores in North America, Off The Hook! My relationship with the owners of OTH dates back to when they first opened up shop in the West Island on Souces Boulevard in 1999. Back then I was a little pisher as my Zaida would say, but now I've hung up my diaper, put on my big boy pants, and have finally started to make my way in life as a real human. The truth is I nearly shat my pants when I got a message from one of the owners down at OTH asking if I would like to sell Ruined Rep pins in his shop! It was truly one of the prouder moments in my life. Montreal is so heavily involved in the streetwear community, and to get a chance to be in OTH is the tits! If you're a local Montrealer and are interested in buying some pins, head down to OTH and show some love!

August 04, 2015


Drink, Smoke, Be Creative

I'm just going to put this out there now, I am on the liquor writing this blog post. So if I say anything that doesn't jive with you then I'm sorry Mom and Dad but I still love you. Growing up I was never really into drinking or smoking, but I would say that over the past 7yrs that has changed. I've always been a creative person making people laugh with my stupid jokes, but I needed something that would allow me to open up a can of whoop ass and express myself the way I needed to express myself! I was out on a run the other day and some guys dog took a shit on the sidewalk and didn't pick it up, I wanted to say something but it wasn't my sidewalk, so I just let it happen. So creativity is something that most people think they have, but for the most part don't! Which is where drinking and smoking comes into play.

Being on the booze can be dangerous for some people as I don't know how to hold my liquor all the time. That's why when I know that I'm going to have a really good party night loaded with all sorts of alcohol I sleep at home so that my mom can take care of me. Over the years she has mastered me not puking everywhere, but yet contained in a nice garbage bag placed next to my bed. I did however wait to watch other runners pass by until one guy stepped in the shit, classic! But I don't want to talk about those nights, the negatives, I want to fucus on the positives. How getting drunk can unlock a sense of creativity that allows you to make pins like the pins that Ruined Rep makes! So don't be afraid to come home from work and pour yourself a nice drink to take the edge off and allow for creativity. This could be creativity on a side project, creativity in the kitchen, even creativity in the bed! Just let it out!

When I reefer to smoking I don't mean cigarettes. I'm talking about the pots and the pans baby! For me personally the situation needs to be right for me to get creative on the pots, since I tend to fall asleep if we are just sitting around. Keep in mind I look cute as all fuck, but still. The guy only realized that he stepped in dog poop a block and a half later when he paused to stretch, but thankfully I followed behind to watch it all pan out. If you find yourself in a comfortable environment with good people, creativity on the pots can take an idea and turn it into a masterpiece! Trust me, look at Ruined Rep.

I'm not saying that being creative is impossible when sober, because I do a lot, if not most of my creative work sober, but being intoxicated can help you find ideas that just would have ended up going with you to the grave. Don't do drugs or drink if you're not of age! Also, don't do drugs or drink booze if you get addicted to things easily, you'll end up Ruined you life, and we're about Ruining our Rep.

Make sure to check out the entire collection of Ruined Rep Pins to see what kind of creativity can come out of a nice strong glass of vodka or a perfectly rolled joint prepared by my friend since I don't know how to roll! 

August 03, 2015



It took me long enough, but it's time that Ruined Rep released some new damn pins! As you can see in the photo above, we have three new lapel pins that have pretty much no similarities whatsoever, but are all equally really fucking good!

Let's start with the Avenue Des Pins pin. It all started when I was walking down St Laurent on the liquor and I get to a corner and look up. There it was smacking me right in the face, the street sign that would potentially change my life! I've always known that I wanted to make a Montreal themed pin, maybe even a collection, but I'm glad I chose to make this my first one.

When growing up, Will Ferrell was one of my greatest influencers in my life! I can honestly say that his humor has helped shape my personality, which is very important to me and the Ruined Rep brand. Every element of Ruined Rep is based off of the twisted and creative founder Wolf Greenberg. That's right, I am writing nice things about myself, but the beauty is that I have no fucks to give! If you didn't already catch on, the Frank the Tank pin is from the scene in Old School where Will Ferrell shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun. Google it if you have too!

The final pin is a personal favorite, The Boobies Calculator Pin! I don't think there's much to say about this pin besides for the fact that we've all once written BOOBIES on our calculators and it should bring back good memories!

I'll leave you with wise words from my father... hesitation is death, buy a fucking pin!

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Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep

April 20, 2015


Happy 4/20 from The Ruined Rep Family

I wanted to take this time to wish all the pot smokers out there a happy 420. While putting together this blog post, I did some research. Turns out that 420 was created and established by a group of school friends who would meet up at '420' by a statue near by their school.

Wether or not this history is to be true, I don't think anyone really gives a shit! I feel like we are all mutually happy that there's a day for all the cannabis loves out there. So now it's time to sit back, and do what we do best. Gather your tools to roll up the best possible joint, and light up this 420! If you haven't already purchased your munchies then you fucked up. Go out this instant, and buy all the delicious treats and food you can find.

My usual groceries list for when I am going to get stoned goes a little something like this.

  1. A whole challah
  2. A medium to large container of Nutella
  3. Half Baked ice cream
  4. Speed dial to the closest poutine
  5. Speed dial to the closest hot dog with cheese, bacon, ketchup, and mayo
  6. A bag of Doritos Sweet Chilli Heat
  7. Arnold Palmer half and half
  8. Left overs from Paula's
  9. Montreal styled bagels
  10. Brownies
It's a weird list, but I don't think anyone is judging, and if they are... they can kindly fuck-off.

Let me leave you with this. Take advantage of this glorious day, and use the discount code '420' to receive 15% off some of the dopest pins in the game. Click the link below to start shopping today!


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Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep

P.S. Make sure that if you are participating in the 420 holiday, that you are not operating any motorized vehicles.

April 10, 2015


What Inspires Your Pin Designs?

Ruined Rep Pin Collection

People always ask me, what inspires you to design the pins you have been designing. You see, my mind works differently than most people, I am just a creative sick and twisted fuck! I couldn't give two shits about what people think of me! My question is, how else do people get creative? You sit in a room, you twist one up, you take a couple of tokes, and boom! Next thing you know your phone is at 1%, you are fed up with the idea of pins, fuck pins, you're throwing around a bruh or two, and then you end up laughing at the rocks photo of him in a turtle neck from the 90s.

At the end of the day, I take a look at the ideas for the pins, do some mock-ups, I look at it, then I show it to some buddies to look at it, and if the vibes are right, I have pin designs. If I feel that people will enjoy a pin, I put it in the bank, until I am ready to release it to the world.

Sometimes you sit on an idea, and someone else comes out with that same idea, but that's life. For example, the fine people over at Des Fois (Sometimes) have created and designed  a pin pack that is the international sign language for sex, but using emoji hand gestures. I had this idea months ago, which only proves that great minds do think alike. Definitely checkout Des Fois for some really dope, random projects. 

Now, just look at this.

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Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep

April 02, 2015


Easter Holiday Grind at Ruined Rep!

The best part about easter is that the cute little bunnies run around shitting the most delicious chocolate treats. Which leads me to why I am writing about this glorious holiday that I don't celebrate.

I am over weight, and my usual thoughts for Easter is that I need to stock up on Cadbury Mini Eggs before they go out of season, but now I have Ruined Rep. You've got good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday, and most companies and retail shops are closed during these dates, but not Ruined Rep. We'll allow you to continue making orders on the site! We don't ever close! Because we are the TITS! And the TITS are open for business all day every day!

I want to take this moment to offer the readers of this specific blog post a 20% discount! Everywhere else will be promoted at 15%, but because you made it here, you deserve it! All you have to do is enter in the discount code 'easter20'! Share this with your friends because you can, or don't. SHOP NOW

I want everyone to know that although I don't actually celebrate Easter, I respect the fact that most people that do, celebrate with family. Family is the key to success. Doesn't need to be blood, just someone that you can trust, count on, and go to no matter what you've got in store.

Happy Easter from the Ruined Rep team, and don't forget to follow us on all the social medias for updates on deals, new products, and good times.


Keep on keeping on,

Ruined Rep