Pen15 Club Streetwear Pin by Ruined Rep & Keith P. Rein

Pen15 Club Pin By Keith P. Rein (The P Is For Penis)

The Pen15 Club pin pays homage to all the suckers that fell for this playfully cruel prank. It also pays homage to all the pimp playas that are proud to be a part of such an exclusive society known as the Pen 15 Club.

This design was done by American artist, Keith P. Rein (the P is for Penis) and was done as a collaboration piece to add to Ruined Rep's streetwear pins collection. Keith is a talented artist with many more pieces that are worth checking out. Give him a Google ;).

Pin Details

1.25 inch enamel pin.

Silver metal with black enamel fill black rubber pin back.

Type: Lapel Pin

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