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Emoji Key Pin - DJ Khaled Key to Success

We're not going to try and deny that we hopped on a trend by creating these key emoji pins, but damn did they come out good! Regardless of the popularity of the Key Emoji due to DJ Khaled, this pin is whatever you want it to represent. The key to your heart. The key to success. The key to whatever you want! For more information on the pin read our blog post: DJ Khaled Inspired Pin

The notorious DJ Khaled’s Key to Success may be one of the most entertaining snaps to hit your snapchat stories. Even though THEY don’t want us to, RuinedRep is taking the winning Key Emoji and bringing it straight to Streetwear pins community, so you’ll be walking around your neighbourhood feeling Blessed errday. Fan Luv!

Pin Details

.75 inch gold lapel streetwear pin.

**Free shipping on orders of $30 and over. (Canada Only)**

Type: Lapel Pin

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